Bell Plantation Garden Centre opened in 1987 in Towcester, Northamptonshire. Since then, their small family run landscaping business has grown and developed into a popular garden centre and café. Their latest development came in the form of a thousand-square metre structure designed, manufactured and constructed by CambridgeHOK.

The structure was in designed in three parts: firstly a 300-square metre portal framed building designed to be a larger retail space, secondly a 360-square metre portal framed glasshouse also designed for retail but also to be used as extra seating for the popular café business also run by the Warren family and thirdly, 340-square metre portal framed glazed canopy for a covered outside plant area. The clients were very clear about what they wanted and how they wanted to use the space. The glazed canopy allowed them to expand the range of plants that they could stock, the large glasshouse connected the two businesses and created an all-weather garden centre.

CambridgeHOK is one of the UK’s leading producers of retail structures, commercial glasshouses and associated equipment so we were perfectly qualified for this project. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to the of our customers and provide them with a high-quality product specifically designed for them.

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