A major new energy centre installed in East Yorkshire saw our highly-skilled team deploy innovative carbon efficient technology, which is now transforming productivity and providing power for 2,000 homes.

This new system, which was designed and executed by CambridgeHOK, represents a massive leap forward and a significant step up the environmental ladder for Branfield Nursery, which is part of the family-owned APS Group.

When it was evident that the power system at the company’s glasshouse was failing, our knowledgeable engineers were engaged, and the new energy centre and network was developed.

A key factor throughout was maintaining heat during the work, thereby ensuring the four hectares of tomatoes could be harvested. With a tight deadline, the project was complete by November 2017 enabling the East Yorkshire growers to benefit from the busy winter season, with 2018 crop targets set to be surpassed.

The tri-generation system, of which a new combined heat and power (CHP) engine is an integral part, uses CO2 and heat to provide the greenest and most efficient low carbon heating to the glasshouse 24-hours a day. With flue gasses cleaned, CO2 can be directly injected into the tomatoes, which boosts yields by as much as 30 per cent, while at the same time completing the carbon cycle. The heat generated for the tomatoes is not wasted either, with an efficient storage system developed to utilise the thermal energy as required in the glasshouse.

This new system also saw significant upgrading of the site’s infrastructure, with new district heating and CO2 pipework along with 3.3km of HV cabling.

The result was a very satisfied customer, with the business now enjoying the benefits of a consistently high-quality product ready for distribution to retailers across Northern England, with enough energy generated to power 2,000 homes. This project is again, an ideal example of how we work with a client to achieve an outcome of which both sides are incredibly proud.

To discuss your energy requirements, and how we can offer your organisation significant energy savings, please contact the team here at CambridgeHOK.

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