Design, construction and fit out of a new energy centre for APS Salads flagship site; Europa Nursery.

Working with APS Salads (one of the UK’s largest tomato growers) and P3P, CambridgeHOK completed a full turnkey project including the design, construction and fit out of a new energy centre for APS Salads flagship site; Europa Nursery.

This project included:

  • Planning application and discharge foundations and site works
  • Glasshouse construction
  • Mechanical and electrical fit out
  • COdistribution
  • Civil and builders works
  • Heating
  • Irrigation
  • Electrics and controls
  • Environmental computer and CHP interface

CambridgeHOK and P3P designed and built a 15 MW gas-fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy centre alongside nearly 15 hectares of existing and new, state of the art glasshouses. The process of using both the heat and power from one generator results in a more efficient and cleaner energy. Also by using the carbon dioxide within the food production, this bespoke energy generation concept significantly increases the crop yield and simultaneously lowers the COemissions.

Two 7.5MW Rolls Royce engines were also used for this design. The gas-fired engines are housed next to the glasshouses in a specialist acoustic building, together with a COtreatment system and a large 5.6 million litres heat store and closed loop heating system. To supply the Rolls Royce engines and boilers the gas connection and electrical infrastructure and grid connection were upgraded. A new gas pipe was laid on site to accommodate the higher pressure required by the Rolls Royce engines. New regulator systems were employed to control the delivery of gas to the engines. The whole system is ultra-efficient at levels of over 90% with all the waste heat and most of the CO2 being used by the grower to enhance crop yields.


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