Kernock Park Plants was established in 1981 by Richard Harnett, it began as a small nursery but now expands over 4 hectares, (or 10 acres). The nursery grows hardy perennial plants, with over 1200 varieties.

In 2011, Kernock began trialling Philips GreenPower LED toplighting modules, the results proved so successful in improving control, uniform crop quality, energy savings that the trials were expanded and in 2014, after examining the results of the trials and with advice from Philips, they decided to move forward with an official installation of LED lights.

CambridgeHOK are the Philips UK partner, we were delighted to be successful in winning the Kernock Plant contract and to be working with the Harnett’s. This project began in 2014 and was a three-part installation designed to light the rooting phase of growth with further expansions each year. The results of the LED’s each year convinced them to install lights in 100% of the rooting growth phase.

The Philips GreenPower LED’s are a low energy module and have shown energy savings of up to 75%. At Kernock Park Plants the improvement in rooting went from 30% successful to 98% successful after CambridgeHOK installed the LED’s. Mr Harnett, the owner of Kernock Plants, said that the initial cost of the LED’s was not an issue due to the fast payback.

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