Queen Ethelburga is a school in the small village of Thorpe Underwood near York. Originally the school had multiple, smaller boiler houses across the campus that had to be individually monitored and maintained. The Estate Office have recently installed highly efficient, duel fuel boilers that run on gas and oil in the new ‘KEB boiler house’. CambridgeHOK have provided an in-house designed and manufactured control panel that incorporates the Priva BMS control system to supervises and control the equipment in the new boiler house. The Queen Ethelburga campus already had several Priva systems that control the many school and residential buildings on site, so CambridgeHOK developed bespoke software programs to link the existing systems to the new control panel. This means that all Priva systems on site can communicate effectively to pass on the heating and hot water demands of the campus to the new boiler house. This new central system is much easier for such a large site with many different heating demands, the newly programmed Priva system will mean that it will be much simpler for the campus staff to ensure that everything is working to the highest standard.

Priva is a world leading, international company that supplies sustainably technology to maintain and control indoor environments. CambridgeHOK works closely with Priva as one of their installers and our experienced team can fit complex energy systems that work well within all built environments.

*Unfortunately, we cannot provide any photographs of the rest of the work on site due to it being on the school campus.

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