One of the latest projects that CambridgeHOK was involved in was the design, manufacture and construction of a multi-purpose Venlo style glasshouse that is approximately 1690m2 at Teagasc’s Ashtown facility in Dublin. The work began on the 4th of January 2017 and was completed on the 1st of June 2017. Teagasc is the Agriculture and Food Development Authority in Ireland, the 11-member Authority is appointed by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine and they provide integrated research, advise and training services to the agriculture and food industry.

The glasshouse built by CambridgeHOK in 2017 consisted of 10 separate bays to make the glasshouse as functional as possible. Each bay was separate by glazed partition walls so that the glasshouse could be used for several different purposes at once. The uses of the latest Teagasc glasshouse include: research for Forestry Commission; a space for college students to get practical experience so several bays were made suitable for educational purposes and ***. The whole installation was fitted by CambridgeHOK with Overhead Shades, Heating, Irrigation, Electrics and controls. CambridgeHOK also provided the Civil Works for the site which included all the foundations before the build and the new roads and pathways afterwards.

CambridgeHOK have the facilities and expertise to provide complete turnkey projects. The smooth transitions between the design, manufacture and construction creates a high-quality product without the stress for liaising with multiple companies.

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