Forestry Commission: Lobslack Nursery

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After a rigorous tendering process The Forestry Commission awarded CambridgeHOK the contract for the redevelopment of the Forestry Commission, Lobslack Nursery Site in Cheshire.

Birds Eye view of the Site

Lobslack Nursery is managed by the Forestry Commission to meet a growing demand for young trees.

Lobslack Nursery will be a state of the art propagation facility, which will allow the Forestry Commission to propagate up to one million trees per year.

CambridgeHOK Construction commenced works on the 18th November 2016, this included levelling the site to allow for the construction of a modern glasshouse, provision of roadways and a substantial drainage system as well as constructing a new 20,000m3 lagoon which will hold the irrigation water. As part of the construction 50 well points will be installed so that water can be accessed in times of draught.

New Lagoon is ready for the liner. The holding capacity of this lagoon is in excess of 20,000m3 and it has a depth of 3.5 metres!

Part of an extensive drainage system constructed by CambridgeHOK Construction

The work area is clad in composite panels

Excavation of the lagoon nears completion

We had a bit of rain during the glasshouse construction!

Great progress thanks to our friends at Havecon

Roads going in and the hardening off area is levelled

Finally, the glasshouse construction begins

There is good progress in the rain

CambridgeHOK made a bridge to get the glazing machine over the cast walls

Wonderful job by our screen installer

The glasshouse fit-out can begin

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