At CambridgeHOK we aim to ensure your project goals are achieved with ease – we provide a complete solution.

The breadth and skills of CambridgeHOK enables us to give clients advice and service that they feel confident with, and all from under-one-roof! Whatever the project or product, and no matter how complex, CambridgeHOK can be trusted to provide outstanding quality, at competitive prices, with first class support.


Hotbox and CambridgeHOK at IPM Essen

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Hotbox International and CambridgeHOK are attending IPM Essen in Germany next  year from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2018. It is a specialist trade show offering visitors a comprehensive market overview…

New Glasshouse for Cacti Collection

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CambridgeHOK was employed to build a non-commercial multi-compartment Venlo glasshouse. One of the client’s specifications during the design stage was that the glasshouse had 4 separate compartments. This meant that…

Boultham Park Project

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Boultham Park in Lincoln is undergoing a multi-million-pound restoration. This lottery funded project aims to revitalise the park that is loved by the local residents by restoring features but also…

Marwell Zoological Park: Tropical House

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Marwell Zoo are currently undergoing a £17 million investment programme to advance their 140-acre park that is home to hundreds of wild and exotic animals. The latest project of the…