The productivity and growth of a crop depends on the climate in which it is grown, with the optimum balance of every aspect of photosynthesis, the crop will have increased productivity and growth.

An integrated horticultural control systems will allow you to control and create this optimum climate. It will do so in the most efficient way, by managing the water and energy systems.

Accurate control of the greenhouse climate gives the ability to grow healthy crops at an optimum energy efficiency.

Business management information can also be provided by using a crop harvest registration and analysis system. This gives great insight into labour management and efficiency, the volume and quality of fruit being grown, but also registers any pests and diseases trends and locations. By using the data that is available from the horticultural process and data registration systems, the glasshouse manager has a very useful tool to help him make the right short and long term decisions.

Our expertise in BMS and HMS controls and our on-going quest for new ideas and innovative solutions, make CambridgeHOK the industry leader in providing tailor-made control solutions to the wide variety of customers. Our national award in 2012 for the energy saving work we carried out on all the Eden Project Controls is evidence to that effect.

We can provide a comprehensive turnkey service for glashouse climate management, water management, energy management and data management. We are certified partners with both Hoogendoorn and Priva horticultural systems, a Priva Partner for the Priva BMS and a Philips LED partner.


Philips GrowWise


GrowUp Urban Farm



CambridgeHOK Four Oaks , Cheshire

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CambridgeHOK are exhibiting at Four Oaks show in Cheshire this year on the 5th and 6th of September 2017.

Philips GrowWise

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CambridgeHOK complete Urban Farm at Philips head office. The aim is simple – to develop technology that makes it possible to grow tasty, healthy and sustainable food anywhere in the world.


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Various factors are driving change in the world of food production; climate change, population growth and urbanization, rising energy prices, and the availability of land and water. The idea of ‘sustainable intensification’ is a concept…


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Working alongside Reaseheath, one of the UK’s leading land-based colleges based in Cheshire, CambridgeHOK is in the process of a full design and build of a four compartment Venlo state of the art research glasshouse…