The correct advice, design and installation of the electrical and control systems for any horticultural business is crucial to ensure that the grower has high levels of control whilst maintaining flexibility…

CambridgeHOK is able to deliver a comprehensive turnkey service from initial concept to the commisioning and installation of any horticultural electrical installation and computer control system.

CambridgeHOK’s engineers utilise Amtec prodesign software to devise an electrical installation that ensures maximum safety and integrity of the system, whilst minimising cable sizes and the associated costs. The electrical design team have the knowledge and experience to design, in detail, all the necessary control panel infrastructure and the flexibility to utilise the company’s in-house panel manufacturing capability.

CambridgeHOK’s experience and knowledge ranges from a 33KVA connection to the grid, down to ELV circuits- supplying and installing the requisite transformers and associated equipment.

Electrical installation works carried out are in accordance with the IEE regulations; all circuits will be designed, tested and certificated with full electrical design and calculations to BS 7671 17th edition.


Philips GrowWise


GrowUp Urban Farm



CambridgeHOK Four Oaks , Cheshire

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CambridgeHOK are exhibiting at Four Oaks show in Cheshire this year on the 5th and 6th of September 2017.

Philips GrowWise

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CambridgeHOK complete Urban Farm at Philips head office. The aim is simple – to develop technology that makes it possible to grow tasty, healthy and sustainable food anywhere in the world.


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Various factors are driving change in the world of food production; climate change, population growth and urbanization, rising energy prices, and the availability of land and water. The idea of ‘sustainable intensification’ is a concept…


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Working alongside Reaseheath, one of the UK’s leading land-based colleges based in Cheshire, CambridgeHOK is in the process of a full design and build of a four compartment Venlo state of the art research glasshouse…