Climate Control

Urban or Vertical Farming is becoming a reality. An Urban Farm can be built anywhere, but the general trend is to build them close to urban centres utilising brown space such as existing warehouses. Within the existing building an insulated box, similar to a supermarket fridge, is built to contain the vertical farm. This box eliminates all the ambient influences such as sunlight and therefore complete climate and enviromental control can be achieved.

The introduction of commercially affordably LED lights has made it possible for crops to be grown on stacked benches in multiple layers, thereby reducing the footprint required to grow crops. The computer control of temperature, CO2 levels, air velocity and the LED’s themselves has created an environment where crops can be grown to very exacting standards, homogenous in size and colour, free from disease, insects and bird mess. Importantly, the crops can be grown in precise quantities on the exact day required by your customer.

The benefits are obvious with reduced food miles, improved food security, disease reduction, reduction in food waste and the ability to feed the world when land is becoming a scarcer resource.

The worlds water resource needs to managed intelligently and an urban farms water usage can be 90% LESS water than conventional greenhouse or farm grown crops.

CambridgeHOK are building these facilities now and have the experience and capability to integrate all of the environmental factors to help maximise crop production.

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Hydroponic Growing System (CHOKTainer)

Philips GrowWise

GrowUp Urban Farm




CambridgeHOK Four Oaks , Cheshire

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CambridgeHOK are exhibiting at Four Oaks show in Cheshire this year on the 5th and 6th of September 2017.

Philips GrowWise

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CambridgeHOK complete Urban Farm at Philips head office. The aim is simple – to develop technology that makes it possible to grow tasty, healthy and sustainable food anywhere in the world.


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Various factors are driving change in the world of food production; climate change, population growth and urbanization, rising energy prices, and the availability of land and water. The idea of ‘sustainable intensification’ is a concept…

GrowUp Urban Farms

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Working with GrowUp Urban Farms CambridgeHOK has developed climatic control, air flow management and building management systems using vertical growing technologies and specialist horticultural Phillips LED lighting…