“CambridgeHOK’s Vertical Farming knowledge means that we can offer you a tailor made solution, whether it’s a flat packed solution for export and self construction, a self contained vertical farm in a 20‘ or 40’ container to a fully integrated, automated system from seeding to harvesting.”

Steve Hinch
Finance Director, CambridgeHOK

Planning & Design

We will work with you to understand your budget and technical requirements, the location and it’s construction restrictions and what are the critical features that make your project a success. We can work with you on your financial plan and offer assistance with your growing assumptions, physical, cooling and electrical load calculations.

An initial site visit will enable us to provide a general scheme for discussion and an assessment of growing area, process flow and potential yields. Once we have created the concept we can create CAD and 3D drawings to refine the design and agree the finer points.

Engineering and Construction

Our in-house engineering team will design, calculate, construct and commission everything you require for your vertical farm including:
Germination facilities
Racking and benching
Automation of benching
Irrigation and fertigation
Lighting, electrics and computer controls
Climate control including air velocity, humidity, dehumidification and temperature, all controlled to parameters as tight or as wide as you specify.
Seeding, harvesting, sterilisation and washing.


We have extensive knowledge of power generation and can provide an integrated CHP to provide the electrical power required for your vertical farm, cost effectively.

We can even utilise the heat generated to provide the climatic cooling.

Technical development

If you have a particular problem to resolve for your specific crop we can help to devise suitable solutions.

CambridgeHOK are your “one stop shop” for a new vertical farm offering end to end advice, engineering and construction.


Hydroponic Growing System (CHOKTainer)

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