Agricultural efficiency has peaked, worldwide land available to farming is reducing through urbanisation and desertification, water resources are at a premium, food security is high on the political agenda and the world’s population is increasing by 80million people per year and the UN forecasts a worldwide population of 9.7Bn by 2050.

Vertical Farming is one part of the complex jigsaw to resolving these looming problems. We need to stop thinking in square metres only and think cubic metres.

Vertical Farming is gaining traction and CambridgeHOK is at the forefront of developing the technology and building these revolutionary facilities. We offer solutions to fit your budget, whether it’s a simple low technology system with two or three layers or a hi-tec facility with automation and complete integration. CambridgeHOK can provide the full advise, design and build package on all aspects of a Vertical Farm.



Every plant has its own optimum microclimate, (the ideal conditions to promote growth and yield), climate control is about ensuring this climate is maintained. Growers need complete control to eliminate as many variables as possible; this is more difficult in a greenhouse than in a fully controlled enviromental room, due to the effects of ambient conditions. In order to maintain each plant’s microclimate we must be able to control the temperature, humidity, level of CO2, airflow control, irrigation and cooling. At CambridgeHOK we can integrate it all into a sophisticated environmental control computer system.



Effective heating, power and lighting are essential to producing a successful and fruitful crop. CambridgeHOK is at the forefront of technically advanced climatic control systems that nurture and assist the growing environment needed for each specialist crop.

The world of horticultural lighting is starting a transformation with the beginning of tailored LED light recipes. Specific light spectrums can be custom-made to the crop type to ensure that the energy invested in growth light technology will be converted efficiently into light that your crop recognises. The energy savings can be up to 50%.

We also provide complete Energy solutions to suit your needs. We can evaluate your energy and heating needs and supply a complete design and build solution for a Combined Heat and Power plant and district heating network, whether gas fired or Bio-mass. If required we can also wrap it up in a finance wrapper and you have no capital outlay, simply pay for your lower cost energy as you use it.



Our in-house design and engineering team has the experience and expertise to undertake the largest of construction projects. Ranging from 80,000mglasshouses to complex industrial buildings- including a complete package of civil works. For over 50 years CambridgeHOK have been designing, manufacturing and supplying glasshouses and buildings to cater for any growing requirements and/or growers’ specifications. Furthermore, our Victorian range fulfils the needs of the most discerning domestic growers.

Our XK and Venlo glasshouses can be used for a whole range of projects, including garden centres, schools & universities, research establishments, commercial growers of all sizes, botanic gardens and zoos.

CambridgeHOK also offer a wide range of building services including standalone buildings such as offices, warehouses, energy centres and storage units or external works such as site clearance, roads, drainage, pathways, car parks or substations.


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