10 years in partnership: How Havecon and CambridgeHOK's joint expertise brings world-leading commercial glasshouses to the UK market

A decade working in partnership with a world-leading specialist has helped CambridgeHOK firmly establish its position as a leading supplier of commercial glasshouses in the UK.

The partnership with Netherlands-based Havecon goes from strength to strength, with tens of projects completed in the UK between the two businesses over the past decade.

Havecon boasts an unrivalled building capacity in the commercial glasshouse market, meaning it is able to quickly and efficiently design and build some of the biggest facilities in the world.

As its longstanding UK partner, CambridgeHOK is able to deliver the glasshouses direct to customers, adding its own industry-leading knowledge and expertise in climate control and irrigation to ensure they also deliver the very best operational performance.

Patrick Harte, Head of Commercial at CambridgeHOK, says the relationship has ensured UK customers benefit from 'a complete turnkey package for the very best performing facilities of their kind'.

"This is a business relationship which has brought together two firms at the forefront of their specialities, he said.

"As individual businesses we work and specialise in complimentary aspects of the commercial glasshouse sector, but combined our expertise brings huge benefits to UK horticultural customers as they can access a complete turnkey package for the very best performing facilities of their kind.

"The partnership began back in 2010 when the companies worked together on a 7.8 hectare glasshouse for British Sugar and the relationship has developed and thrived ever since as each company has led the way in its own area of expertise.

"Together we have worked on glasshouse projects each and every year since culminating in a 6.4 hectare glasshouse for Beeswax Farming, announced earlier this year.

"Havecon are known and respected for the exceptional quality of their design, build, aluminium glazing systems and the thermal retention qualities of their glasshouses.

"At CambridgeHOK we have led the way in developing fully engineered solutions and sophisticated and automated climate control systems, combined with providing energy efficient solutions, to meet bespoke and demanding requirements with regards to growing environments and produce output.

"The combination of Havecon's design and build, and our knowledge of glasshouse environmental control and efficiencies, brings complete assurance to our UK customers over quality and reliability.

"We are delighted to be marking 10 years of working in partnership, we have some very exciting projects ahead in the future, and we hope to work together for many years to come."

Relationship has gone 'from strength to strength'

Over the past decade, Glasshouses completed in partnership between the two firms have totalled several dozens of hectares in size, using about 300,000 square metres of glass, and over 1 million kg of steel.

Ramon Bol, European Sales Manager of Havecon, said: "Our partnership with CambridgeHOK is truly one which has gone from strength to strength, year after year.

"We believe ourselves to be fortunate to have such a close working relationship with a company which can add so much more to our products for our customers in the UK.

"We know our glasshouses are world-leading in terms of their design, structure and build, but they need to be used and managed efficiently to bring the best results.

"We look forward to many more years of successful partnership working."

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