Complete automated growing systems providing year-round fresh produce



Why choose Vertical Farming?

With the global population set to grow by 2.3 billion by 2050 there will be a need to grow 70% more food – despite 80% of agricultural land already being in use and decreasing.

With towns and cities expanding there is a need to grow on smaller footprints, and vertical farming is the solution.

Vertical Farming enables fully automated growing without the influence of outside day length or weather conditions, ensuring high soil quality, the right temperature and consistent produce of the highest quality.

How we work

vertical farming


Planning and design to engineering, construction and operation – a complete Vertical Farming package

From planning the size of your ‘growing box’ to the levels of automated operations, from climate control and LED lighting to growing infrastructure and irrigation and fertilisation, our team will advise, design and build the best possible solution to meet your exact needs.




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