CambridgeHOK chosen to build new glasshouse as leading UK tomato, cucumber and peppers propagator expands operation

A UK leading tomato, cucumber and pepper plants propagator has turned to the expertise of CambridgeHOK to design and build a new glasshouse extension which will increase its site to more than four hectares.

Plant Raisers, a leading plant propagator for the horticultural sector which supplies professional propagator throughout the UK and Europe, has ordered a new 6496m2 glasshouse and turned to the expertise of CambridgeHOK when looking for the perfect engineered solution.

The Howden-based firm has returned to CambridgeHOK to build the new side extension to a facility originally built in 2010.

Chris Bassford, head of engineering at CambridgeHOK, said: "This project is one which has come to us with a tight timescale as, due to market opportunity and demand, the client has needed completion on design and build within a four month period.

"Obviously, Plant Raisers are previous customers of ours and the current glasshouse that this new build is extending was designed and built by our team.

"Plant Raisers are very much aware of our knowledge and expertise, and ability to provide a glasshouse which will perform to meet their exact needs and be added without any disruption to then ongoing operations.

"Thankfully, due to our experience and expertise, we are confident of delivering and we are excited to be providing a product which will help a very successful business continue to expand its operations and supply even more products to its customers."

'Engineered solutions' meet bespoke requirements of commercial propagator

The new glasshouse will include four metre high and wide bays with eight metre high trellising. It will be divided into two ventilation zones by a roll up partition screen to bring added flexibility to its growing capabilities.

An automated environmental control system will be provided through CambridgeHOK's Dutch partner Hoogendoorn, including shade screens, overhead watering systems, lighting and piped hot water heating.

The roof will be glazed with an energy saving system, again using the expertise of another world leading partner of CambridgeHOK, glasshouse producers Havecon.

It will include 4mm thick clear toughened glass, which crucially still allows more than 90 per cent of light through to provide a perfect growing environment.

Mr Bassford added: "As with all commercial growing environments very specific and exact conditions are required, hence this new extension being divided into two zones to allow for the growth of crops which have different requirements.

"We are very fortunate to work in partnership with many world-leading glasshouse and climate control specialists, and that is a major reason that people turn to CambridgeHOK. We don't just sell products, but consult and advise on the most suitable engineered solution.

"The ability to roll up the partition this extension will bring added flexibility, another benefit for a client which has to react to seasonality and have the ability to adapt."

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