Employees given reusable water bottles to cut use of plastic products

CambridgeHOK has taken a significant step towards cutting the use of single use plastics across the business by buying every employee a reusable insulated water bottle as part of a wider environmental plan for 2020.

The move has been spearheaded by the firm’s Business Development Manager for Energy, Charlotte Penn.

She calculated that employees across the firm’s glasshouses, vertical farming, energy and construction operations would use over 13,000 bottles of water a year, if they each bought one every working day.

If stacked, this would be the equivalent of climbing Ben Nevis twice.

In her role at the firm, Mrs Penn is helping food and drink producers and processors identify ways of becoming more sustainable and to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting energy efficient processes and systems.

And she said simple steps can make a huge difference.

“At our business we work on innovative, large scale projects every day, looking to help businesses reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints, but there are simple changes you can make at the same time which make a difference,” she said.

“Right now, we are pricing everything from carbon capture, water sourced heat pumps, and utilising waste draf at a whiskey distillery for biomass fuel.

“It is so exciting to be able to bring some of the environmental benefits in house too. At a time when the environment is at the top of everyone’s agenda it’s great to be working for a company that is taking steps towards a cleaner environment.”

John Holland, Managing Director of CambridgeHOK, said: “This was an environmental decision, however, it will have great welfare benefits for our employees too, especially for those on site in peak summer, as we have seen in recent days.

“As we grow from a small to medium sized business we are taking a closer look at our environmental impact and rolling out some significant changes, including becoming ISO 14001 accredited." 

CambridgeHOK have previously completed numerous Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants across the UK, each site of varying sizes from 1.2MW up to 15MW.

We also develops innovative energy saving climate control systems, having previously won an award for saving the Eden Project more than 700 tonnes of carbon in just three years by installing a sitewide integrated Building Management System.

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