Improving energy efficiency in horticulture by conducting data-driven audits

By Charlotte Penn, Agricultural Energy Consultant

SOARING energy costs are continuing to put growers under pressure, and much of the agri-food supply chain is being heavily impacted by unprecedented increases.

Growers who produce energy-intensive crops like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are among those to be hit the hardest.

Energy has always been important to growers and, as they bid to reduce costs and protect their profits, finding a way to improve their energy efficiency remains top of the priority list.

But with the energy crisis showing no sign of ending soon, and volatility continuing to affect the market, now might be the time to consider capital investment projects which may not previously have seemed financially viable.

In my role as an agricultural energy advisor, I regularly talk to growers about their crop type and discuss ways to achieve potential energy savings.

The best way for any grower to lower costs is through improved energy efficiency, as reduced costs typically lead to increased profitability. Sometimes it can also provide a competitive market advantage.

By conducting a data-driven audit of current energy usage, it is possible to see how and where growers are actually using energy, to pinpoint potential solutions that could optimise usage.

  • Bigger heat storage systems
  • More efficient heat generation
  • Off-grid power solutions
  • Combined heat and power
  • Biomass boilers
  • Replacement or upgraded screens

Before making any recommendation, I always conduct a detailed analysis of all current energy usage and apply the data to build a business case for each specific energy-saving technology.

Growers can also see the capital and operational expenditure that will be required, as well as any potential payback periods, so that they can make an informed investment decision.

If this sounds like an approach your business could benefit from, please get in touch or call 01430 449440 for an informal discussion to find out more.

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