Specialist Charlotte Penn joins to help food processors and producers become 'truly energy efficient'

Energy specialist Charlotte Penn says she is excited at the prospect of helping businesses reap the 'significant rewards' of investing in energy efficient solutions, having joined the CambridgeHOK team.

Mrs Penn has been appointed as energy Business Development Manager and joins after two-and-a-half years in a business development role at engineering and construction specialists Spencer Group, a firm which has led on many ground-breaking projects relating to the development of innovative energy solutions.

This has included a £68m design and build project for a major biomass handling facility at the Port of Tyne, and the concept planning, design and build of a "200m waste to energy facility in Hull which will produce enough electricity to power 43,000 homes a year.

During Mrs Penn's time at Spencer Group she was involved in work within the nuclear sector, with her former firm having just been selected as a delivery partner by the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to design and build experimental rigs, enabling NNL to develop new and emerging technologies for the nuclear industry.

She was also appointed to the board of directors for the Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster, a lobbying group shaping the future of the energy industry and charged with bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective to industry.

Appointment builds on reputation for helping businesses with energy efficient solutions

CambridgeHOK has already established a strong reputation for its work in providing energy efficient solutions to businesses in the food production and processing sectors.

This has included designing and building Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems which have helped glasshouse clients turn excess heat into energy and operate more efficiently.

Now, Mrs Penn, 31, says she is excited at the prospect of working alongside specialist food businesses to ensure they consider all options and find the perfect energy solution to maximise profits.

"I have been fortunate that throughout my career I have been involved in a multitude of different energy projects across the UK and that has given me a great insight into how energy solutions can be adapted to various industries and implemented effectively," she said.

"I am from an agricultural background myself, and both increasing efficiencies in food production and helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint have always been something I have been passionate about, so the chance to join CambridgeHOK was very exciting for me as it combines two of my real passions.

"I've gained valuable experience of working for some huge companies who were clients in my time at Spencer Group and have become accustomed to what is required to meet their expectations.

"What I am looking forward to at CambridgeHOK is meeting clients and working with them long-term to fully understand their businesses and how they operate, and to help them establish truly energy efficient processes across their companies.

"Reducing energy costs to become more efficient, and reducing carbon footprint and impact on the environment, are key considerations for every business today, especially those involved in large-scale food production.

"There are certainly significant rewards to be had for those who take the time to consider all energy solutions and invest in the right technology. It is our role to help identify those solutions, demonstrate the difference they can make and implement them successfully."

Focus placed on cleaner, greener, cost-saving energy systems

Boasting its own in-house team of engineers, CambridgeHOK offers packages from project development through to operation, including new builds to site upgrades.

It designs and builds dedicated energy centres, using district heating systems, renewable technologies and combined heat and power systems (CHP) to provide the greenest and most efficient low carbon heating and energy provision.

Steve Hinch, finance director at CambridgeHOK, said: "We are delighted that Charlotte agreed to join our energy team at a time when we are seeing increased demand for help from growers and food processors.

"We are confident Charlotte will bring new ideas and knowledge to ensure we are able to create even more efficient and cleaner energy processes for our clients.

"Our focus is always on cleaner and greener energy generation, delivering reliable energy technology innovations for businesses which are keen to take control of their energy costs and make significant savings from their processes.

"We already have a great track record as our experience of building energy centres has enabled us to push technology so that energy savings in excess of 25 per cent have been achieved for some of our clients. That is a saving that cannot be ignored by any business, in any industry."

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