Why switching to LED grow lights will save money and deliver secondary benefits

By Charlotte Penn, Energy Business Development Manager

LIKE every homeowner and business in the UK, growers are facing substantially higher energy input costs this year.

The biggest impact of energy price rises is being felt most in the protected growing sector, where glasshouse producers of aubergines, peppers and cucumbers are paying up to 60% more for the gas they use for heating.

With industry analysts predicting prices will stay high for the rest of 2022, we are advising growers to save money by making the switch to LED lights ahead of a potentially cold winter.

If you’re a grower who’s concerned about the ongoing surge in energy prices, making the switch to LEDs can significantly reduce electricity usage, no matter what crop you grow.

Compared to traditional fluorescent or high-voltage sodium lamps, energy-efficient LED lighting requires around 60 per cent less input.

The bigger the grow environment, the more you’ll save.

Other benefits include:

  • Optimise lighting to crop type & potential yield
  • Calculate optimum distance between each bulb
  • Install motion sensors to switch LEDS on & off
  • Automatically regulate LED colours & spectra
  • Tailor lighting strength to stage of grow cycle
  • Help minimise dark spots in grow environment
  • Maintain crop consistency & quality
  • Low maintenance – bulbs can last around 50,000 hours
  • Can be powered by PV Solar Panels
  • Produce a more ‘natural’ light

Are you a grower who’d like to learn how an optimised lighting set-up could mitigate against rising energy costs? Find out now, call 01430 449440 for a friendly and informal discussion.

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