Hydroponic Growing System (CHOKTainer)

We were approached by a company in Abu Dhabi, their request to was to provide them with a complete growing system.

The answer was a complete hydroponic growing system capable of producing a variety of products from herbs to vegetables. This also had to provide the perfect environment to grow anywhere and anytime of year.

Our specialist team set about building this controlled environment housed in a shipping container. This had already been successful for some of our other clients. This CHOK environment uses 90% less water than in open field farming so it was the perfect solution. It also reduces the risk of the crop being effected by harsh climates or crop pests.

It also enables the client to produce an all year-round harvest of fresh produce. This form of Vertical Farming reduces the agricultural footprint and increases the production of food.

Based inside the container the plants are grown in a nutrient solution and growing media. The LED lights are set to provide the plant with the right colour spectrum that they need to grow.

The Priva system that is installed controls the heat, lighting and irrigation within the growing space.

CambridgeHOK are proud to be the designers and manufacturers of this solution for the future.

We provided a turnkey service, including:

  • Bespoke Philips Lighting Solution
  • Environmental Controls
  • HVAC Environmental Systems
  • Electrical Installations

So where can this be used?

Quite simply this can be used anywhere ! As long as you have an electricity and water supply it is possible to create your growing environment . This is growing of the future.


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