Innovative rolling gutter system

Client: O’Hanlon Fresh Herbs

Location: County Wicklow, Ireland

Project overview:

  • Design and planning of Glasshouse
  • Glasshouse build
  • Installation of Nutrient Flow Treatment gutter system
  • Installation of LED lighting systems
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Heating and screening installations

Scope of our work

This was the 4th phase of glasshouses built at O’Hanlon Fresh Herbs by our team at CambridgeHOK – and at the heart of this project, completed in 2022, was a new innovative rolling gutter system.

The Nutrient Flow Treatment gutter system – believed to be the first installed in the Ireland – is a pioneering semi-automated method of irrigation.

It channels water directly under the crop roots, with the gutters moving sequentially as the herbs grow, allowing them the space they need to flourish.

Crops begin their growth in a propagation area where they sit in benches for 14 days, before entering a 14-day progressing through the gutter system.

The Results

The new system has helped the long-established business grow improved quality produce such as mint and basil.

Tom O’Hanlon, managing director of O’Hanlon Fresh Herbs, said: “The CambridgeHOK team installed an innovative and cutting-edge gutter growing system, enhanced LED lights and extended glass for our pot herb production.

“As growers we are delighted with the product quality. We are producing more robust, bushier herbs with improved leaf colour and overall vigour, which also have a quicker life cycle, particularly in winter, and improved shelf life.”


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