Vertical Farming Services

CambridgeHOK is at the forefront of developing Vertical Farming technology.

We build revolutionary facilities which enable crop growing with a high degree of control in limited areas of space, bringing reliability and peace of mind to the supply chain and increased annual cropping cycles.

We offer solutions to fit all budgets, whether you are seeking a low technology system with two or three layers or a hi-tech facility with complete automation and integration, providing a full turnkey solution from consultancy to design and build.

Complete control of growing

Vertical Farming enables the growing of crops from a smaller land footprint on a vertical plane. They can be created in almost any available space, and in busy towns or cities close to customers and increasing populations.

Issues over soil quality are eradicated in such controlled environments, whilst cool LED lighting systems can be specifically tailored to optimise photosynthesis for specific crops, using low levels of energy.


The six steps towards establishing a successful Vertical Farming development


Understanding your business operations and objectives is key to the success of any Vertical Farming project. Our technical experts will use their experience advise on best technologies and systems which match your budget and location.

Business Case

We will work on your financial plan and offer assistance with regards your growing assumptions, construction materials and running costs to ensure the project we devise offers the best possible return on your investment.

Design and planning

Once the concept is created we can create CAD and 3D drawings to refine the design and agree the finer points. Energy provision will form a key part to ensure cost efficiency, and we can provide an integrated CHP to provide cost effective power.


Our in-house engineering team will design, calculate, construct and commission everything you require including levels of automation, growing infrastructure, climate control, lighting solutions, seeding, harvesting, sterilisation, washing, irrigation and fertilization, all controlled to meet your needs.


A key part of our service is the complete testing of our systems before handover to clients, a period in which we’ll ensure all systems are set and operating to maximise the return on investment for our clients, and ensure maximum production at the most efficient level of performance.


The point when we are happy that your Vertical Farming project is complete and ready to go. We have the in-house skills, experience and knowledge to be confident of delivering on all elements of your project on time and within budget, before handover of the O&M manual.

Effective energy solutions for maximum crops and savings

Efficient heating, power and lighting is essential to producing a successful and fruitful crop. CambridgeHOK is at the forefront of technically advanced climatic control systems that nurture and assist the growing environment needed for each specialist crop.

Tailored LED lighting spectrums can be custom-made to the crop type to ensure the energy invested in growth light technology will be converted efficiently into light that crops recognise, leading to savings up to 50%.



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