Our Vertical Farming Concept

Automated and large-scale commercial vertical farming for profitable production

Revolutionary growing spaces

CambridgeHOK is an indoor growing pioneer – and we believe our concept Vertical Farm is the next evolution of the industry.

  • 5,500sqm of automated grow space
  • Unique innovative design
  • Laminar airflow for uniform crops
  • Industry-leading yields
  • Bespoke bench & irrigation system
  • BMS Control Systems

Full automation for future prosperity

The move to automated systems is absolutely pivotal to large-scale commercial vertical farming.

Highly automated, organised and computerised systems are needed to provide scalable – and profitable – production levels.

  • Improve consistency
  • Keep unit cost repeatable
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Minimise pathogens
  • Increase & scale modularly

Exceptional experience & expertise

Our horticultural department consists of expert growers, designers, engineers and technicians.

We provide every Vertical Farming solution in-house – from germination and propagation to climate control and packing.

We even build the plant rooms and back offices needed to be fully operational.

Invest with confidence and benefit from a working facility, managed and coordinated by our experts.

Profitability and scalability

Investing in our 5,500sqm ‘concept’ vertical farm requires a significant investment – so we’re looking to partner with people who are serious about the future of growing crops.

We can provide a detailed financial cost model to accurately analyse a wide range of factors.

  • Total cost to build
  • Electrical requirements and infrastructure
  • Crop options and yields
  • Margin analysis
  • Annual profit
  • Projected ROI

Whilst an initial 5,500sqm of growing space is recommend for optimum commercial viability, it’s easy to gain economies of scale with repeated investment.

Crop security. Scalability. Long-term profitability.

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