Glasshouses Services

Highest standards of manufacture and service

Whether glass, polycarbonate, impact resistant or insulated claddings, all glasshouses are produced at CambridgeHOK in full accordance with relevant regulations, due to our commitment to quality and always meeting the highest standards.

Choose from portal frame, Venlo, traditional widespan, curved roof, full opening roofs or netted structures, all of which will be manufactured and constructed in full accordance with Building Regulations.

A complete glasshouse development and build team - all under one roof

The expertise of CambridgeHOK’s team of Technical Advisers, who guide projects through from design to completion and then provide first class after-sales support, has been achieved through many years of experience.

Our in-house specialists include groundworks and civils engineers and contractors, structural designers and builders in addition to heating and electrical designers and installers, meaning you have all the expertise and resource to deliver your complete project in one place.


The six essential elements of a successful glasshouse project

Climate Control

Every plant needs ideal conditions to promote growth and yield, so we'll ensure temperature, humidity, levels of CO2, airflow, irrigation and cooling are effectively controlled at all times.

Computer Controls and Business Data

Create the optimum climate and gather vital business management data to influence decisions, such as the volume and quality of fruit being grown, and any pests and diseases trends and locations.

Efficient Electrical Systems

Crucial to ensuring high levels of control and flexibility whilst ensuring maximum safety and minimal associated costs,we'll devise an electrical installation in accordance with IEE regulations.

LED Lighting

Light spectrums specifically tailored to crop type to maximise photosynthesis and plant growth, whilst also providing cooler and significantly lower energy usage, delivering energy savings of up to 50%.


Operate at maximum efficiency and improve the quality of your crops with efficient water application scheduling, based on an in-depth understanding of your needs and daily soil water status.


Control your glasshouse environment, save on energy costs and increase yields by choosing from a large range of screen cloths to achieve the optimum growing environment.



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