Commercial Heat Pumps

Produce the heat you need and save thousands – invest in a commercial heat pumps installation and make the switch to renewable energy.

Using electricity, heat pumps convert low ground, air, and water temperatures into hot water via a heat exchanger delivering around 4kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity.

At CambridgeHOK Energy, we can configure commercial heat pump installations to produce significant annual and long-term savings.

More reliable and efficient than a traditional boiler, this fuel-less solution is relatively simple to install and integrate into existing heating and hot water solutions.

With the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive in place until March 2021 for systems over 100kW (ground and water sourced heat pumps), now is the ideal time to utilise this sustainable heating solution – and reduce your carbon foot print.

To discover more about heat pumps for commercial buildings – from consultancy to design and build, get in touch or call 01430 449440 for FREE advice.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Email our energy experts or call 01430 449440 for FREE advice!

The benefits of Commercial Heat Pumps

Save money

Minimise heating costs and significantly reduce your annual spend on energy.

Environmentally friendly

Reduces your carbon footprint and dramatically improve green credentials.

Flexible design

Combine with other heating systems or electricity generation for site wide solutions.

RHI Eligible

Mainland UK system owners may receive payments via Renewable Heat Incentive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a heat pump is right for my business?

Heat pumps are ideal for a continuous base load of low temperature hot water up to 85˚C. They are ideally suited to underfloor heating, hot water demand and district heating, however, their flexibility ensures they can be integrated into other heating systems for wider functionality.

At CambridgeHOK Energy, we start the process by evaluating your heating requirements and modelling the benefits a heat pump could offer your business.

Which is better – air source, ground source or water source?

The type of heat pump utilised is more centred around the options open to the client and its application.

Water and ground source pumps offer a more stable base temperature for the heat exchanger. However, this isn’t necessarily suited to your business if your application isn’t purely central heating.

At CambridgeHOK Energy, we carry out a detailed consultation where we review all these options with you, depending on your demand model.

How efficient is a heat pump?

Heat pump efficiency is referred to as coefficient of performance (COP), and this number depends on the temperatures going in and the temperatures required coming out. For a ground source heat pump, a COP score of 4 would be expected.

Is there funding available for a heat pump?

Heat pump projects may be eligible for RHI payments, a 20-year subsidy based on the amount of heat produced from your installation.

In addition, CambridgeHOK Energy also work with several finance providers who may be able to offer capital support for your scheme.

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