Commercial Biomass Boilers

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint through renewable heat – install a commercial biomass boiler designed to suit your individual demands.

Ideal for organisations with heating and hot water requirements, biomass boilers use the heat generated from burning fast-growing wooden pellets or chips to create 100% renewable energy.

At CambridgeHOK Energy, we design and install commercial biomass boilers and hot water systems which can offer significant annual and long-term savings, supplemented with RHI payments.

Work in partnership with us to improve your green credentials and reduce your carbon footprint – and we’ll take care of every aspect from concept design through to commissioning.

Discover more about this carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuels, get in touch or call 01430 449440 for FREE advice from our commercial biomass boiler UK experts.

Commercial Biomass Boilers

Email our energy experts or call 01430 449440 for FREE advice!

The benefits of Commercial Biomass Boilers

Save money

Reduce your energy bills and protect against future gas and oil price rises.


Minimise your carbon emissions with a 100% renewable fuel source.

RHI Eligible

System owners could receive payments for the Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in mainland UK.

Excellent energy efficiency

Ideal for buildings with high heat consumption – offices, schools, factories etc.

Easy to integrate

Most commercial biomass boilers can be added to current heating and hot water systems

Carbon neutral

Burn fast-growing, renewable wood to create renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if biomass is right for my business?

Biomass is suited to businesses which require high-temperature hot water. This may be buildings with a steam requirement or radiators in a leaky building. They also work great with district heating.

If you are considering a biomass boiler, CambridgeHOK Energy will implement a site survey of your business and evaluate your energy profile to model a solution and establish if biomass technology is suitable.

Is there funding available for my install?

Biomass will be eligible for Government funding as long as your have your RHI tariff secured by March 2021 and the installation is fully commissioned by March 2022.

At CambridgeHOK Energy, we also have finance providers who can offer fully-funded solutions for the right applications.

Can I get a guaranteed supply after my install?

The biomass industry has now got a developed supply chain of biomass suppliers up and down the country.

CambridgeHOK Energy can help match you with a supplier offering a one-year or two-year supply agreement, as you would with your gas or oil suppliers.

Why is biomass considered a 'green' fuel?

Biomass is classed as being a a renewable energy source becuase of the way heat is generated by burning wood, plants and other organic matter.

Although it releases CO2 when burned, it is considerably less compared to fossil fuels and is considered a 'renewable' energy source because the plants or organic matter which is burned can be replaced.

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