Energy Services

At CambridgeHOK we believe in taking a holistic approach to each individual client and site to develop the most efficient energy systems.

Utilising our in house team of engineers, covering all disciplines, we are able to offer a turnkey package from project development through to operation, from new builds to site upgrades.

Cleaner and greener energy generation

Our focus is on creating more efficient and cleaner energy processes for our clients. We do this by creating dedicated energy centres, using district heating systems, renewable technologies and combined heat and power systems to provide the greenest and most efficient low carbon heating and energy provision.


Our innovative energy solutions include;

Decentralised Energy Centres

Produce reliable energy and reduce long term costs for your business by running separate from the main grid and through your own energy centre and storage systems.

District Heating and Cooling

Generate less carbon emissions with a more cost and energy efficient solution as heat is retained when distributed to buildings through a network of thermally insulated pipes.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Don’t waste heat but turn it into useful energy to produce heat and electricity simultaneously. CHP systems can operate at levels as high as 80% efficiency compared to 45% by the conventional method.


Make the most of a renewable energy sources and reduce your carbon footprint by using organic materials as your fuel, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering energy costs.

Energy Storage

Benefit from greater flexibility and control of electrical usage by storing heat or electricity and using it when most beneficial to your business. Reduce expenditure by coming off the grid and switching to stored power.

Carbon Capture Technology

Become a greener business and demonstrate your environmental commitment by reducing the amount of CO2 emissions from industry and heating entering the atmosphere.



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